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Samuel Hughes 06-21-2010 06:36 AM

So a little background:

I'm 21, male, 5'9" 150lb. I have been lifting since I was 13 though without any real guidance or coaching. As such I slowly developed a 300lb bench press and didn't even know how to squat (I mean actually squat, ass to grass and whatnot). At some point in the last year, I decided I wanted to drop weight and get in better "shape". Basically, I wanted to feel more balanced/atheletic. I dropped 20 pounds from 165-145 way too quickly and lost a lot of that over-developed upper body. As I read and learned and read and learned, my programming evolved constantly. it's time now, however, to come up with a definitive plan and stick with it. So here is my plan, I welcome your input:

Weight: whatever meets the goals below
5x3 315# Squat
1x1 405# DL
1x1 185# Overhead Press
5x5 225# Bench Press
Ability to run 18:00 3 mile (arbitrary "fitness" gage)
Learn to snatch and jerk

Weight: 150#
5x3 225# Squat
1x1 335# Deadlift
1x1 150# Overhead Press
5x5 205# Bench Press
18:00 3-mile
*I have been following a linear progression for these lifts the past few months, and hit all lifts thus far, but I am approaching my first stall in all of them.
**old workout log: http://www.board.crossfit.com/showth...001#post772001

M- Warm up, light snatch practice, Back Squat, Bench Press, <10min HEAVY metcon, cool down
T- Warm up, light clean and jerk practice, Overhead Press, Deadlift, 2 Accessory exercise, cool down
R- Warm up, light snatch practice, Back Squat, Bench Press, <10min HEAVY metcon OR 2 Accessory exercises, cool down
F- Warm up, Clean and jerk, Overhead Press, Deadlift (or substitute), 2-4 Accessory exercise OR metcon, cool down
Sat- Warm up, Squat Variation (front, overhead, etc), Medium length metcon (Off day if needed)

For Metcons: I use kettlebells, vests, boxes, hills, rings, you name it, I'll try it. For example, yesterday I did 4 rds: 5x KB [clean and press, renegade rows, high pulls, squat jumps] in 6 mins. Another favorite is Clean-->Thruster coupled with hanging leg raises.

As for nutrition... I have some crappy Costco whey that I need to finish but once its gone, I'll be ordering some quality stuff. Basically, I eat lean protein (chicken, eggs, round steak, salmon, sardines, pork loin)+veggies+fat source (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado) at all times except peri-workout. Pre-workout is coffee+dextrose/maltodextrin+beta-alanine+leucine enriched whey. Post workout is 4 oz milk+ Leucine enriched whey+ dextrose/maltodextrin+creatine. Carb source currently is the candy "Spree", but I'll order some pure dextrose with my next protein order. Post workout meal will have sweet potato or berries+ lean protein+ veggies. Vitamins and supplements will include fish oil, vitamin D, Liver tabs, and a multivitamin...as soon as I can afford them.

Thanks for any input

Also, looking for a training partner in Charlottesville, VA. If you know someone, let me know.

Samuel Hughes 06-21-2010 06:40 AM

June 21 2010
3x3 C&J practice
3x5 225# Squat (PR)
5x5 205# Bench Press
Metcon: 4 rounds with Kettlebells: 5 reps each of [16kg Clean and press, 16kg Renegade Rows, 28kg high pulls, 28kg squat jumps]
Time: 6:16

Samuel Hughes 06-22-2010 08:28 AM

June 22 2010
Snatch Practice went well today
3x65# Hanging Power Snatch
3x65# Overhead Sq
3x65# Full(er) Snatch/Overhead Squat

worked up to 2x135# Overhead Press, missed third rep again
1x343# Dead lift (PR), will practice form on Friday

3x10 50# Dips
70# Kroc Rows (20 reps)
3x5 HSPU

Samuel Hughes 06-23-2010 02:24 PM

June 23 2010
Full Rest Day

Hell of a win for the USA soccer team though.

Samuel Hughes 06-24-2010 06:04 AM

June 24 2010
3x Training bumpers (65#?) Hanging Power Snatch
3x Training bumpers (65#?) Overhead Squat
3x Training bumpers (65#?) Full Snatch, Overhead Squat

3x5 230# Squat...getting a little sketchy doing this with no mirror and no one else in the gym...need to ensure form
5/5/5/5/4/1 210# Bench Press, no spotter so didn't go for the last rep

Accessory: 3x10 Back Extensions , 3x8x60# Weighted Pullups, Abs/Obliques.

Samuel Hughes 06-25-2010 05:48 AM

Huge storm yesterday (24th), straight-line winds for 15 minutes. Power is out at the gym and apartment, so no workout this AM. Hopefully will get to go this afternoon. Also hoping all my food can hold up in the fridge... Trees fell on 3 sides of my truck but thank god they all missed.

Samuel Hughes 06-26-2010 10:29 AM

June 25 2010
Got Stephen Holtz to come check out Rocky Top today. I had forgotten what its like to have a partner. Went slower since I was teaching a good bit but it was fun, had some PRs

Worked up to 4x140# Power Clean (PR)

3x135# Overhead Press (PR FINALLY)

3x10 70kg SLDL

Metcon: 5rds 5xDB [DL, Sq. Clean, PP, Squat]
Loads: 30,40,55(PR), 40, 30

4x10 10kg dips, 3x8 Windmills

Samuel Hughes 06-26-2010 10:38 AM

June 26 2010
Snatch Practice added 5 #s, felt solid again

2 sets 135# Max reps Incline Bench
3x5 165# Front squat
5 Hills (outside Rocky Top)

Samuel Hughes 06-28-2010 04:42 AM

June 27 2010
Off day, rode my bike to the lab for a bit. other than that just studied for the MCAT.

Samuel Hughes 06-28-2010 04:46 AM

28 June 2010
Snatch Practice, will add 5lbs next week

Attempted 3x5 235# Squat, but could barely get one rep out. I was pretty pissed. I think I placed the bar higher than I have in the past. I felt a better range of motion, but could not get out of the bottom. Stiff Leg Deads from friday might have had something to do with it. I am going to mull over what I want to do about next lift.

5x5 210# Bench, though breaks were longer due to the poor squatting.

Metcon: 4 rds 5xKB [Clean & Press, Renegade rows, High Pulls, Squat jumps]
no time

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