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Leon Robotham 07-01-2010 05:28 AM

Leon's log
Hi Guys

So i'm kicking off my training log over here at CA. Right now i'm only chasing 3 things, a 3x bwt dead, a 2.5x bwt squat and my blue belt in BJJ ( 4 actually, 100kg snatch :) . I feel like im getting close to the latter, but I do understand that achieving that grade is only the very beginning.


10-2 Squat Clean - 60k
50-10 Abmat sit-up, unanchored.



We worked on some side control holding techniques, isolating the near-side arm and then sliding over into mount. From the mount we worked on stabilising the top position and then going into the cross choke, Roger Gracie style.

Plenty of isolation rounds and free sparring afterwards. Good times :)

Leon Robotham 07-01-2010 02:39 PM

After work


10 strict pull-ups, 10 Kipping, 10 CTB.
10 squats each round

Rounds in 4 minutes of
Power clean + FS + PJ +BS + rack jerk, 70kg

9 rounds.

After class


Session with a powerlifting coach.

5-5-5+ Deads


Accessory: Snatch grip deads, seated goodmornings (I much prefer standing), weighted step-ups & variations of bulgarian squats unweighted.

Leon Robotham 07-02-2010 04:42 PM

Heavy day on the mats tomorrow, so nothing serious tonight.

5 minutes skin the cat

3x 250m row 1minute rest.


Foam roll.

Leon Robotham 07-03-2010 09:17 AM

A long warm day in the gym today.

Coaching from 9-12, shifting mats and equipment between 12-1 then BJJ from 1-3



Bear Crawl, Shrimp, Bridge over shoulder, Upa, bakward + forward roll to combat base & hip matrix.


Psycho baby: Partner A on all fours crawling toward Partner B who is in sitting guard. The aim is for Partner B to post off the opponents head and shift their hips out to the side, while the pyscho baby continues to crawl around the mat trying to push the guy in sitting guard over.

Variation: This time instead of posting and shifting the hips out you take an arm-drag and scoot out to the side.

Psycho toddler: similar to psycho baby except up on knees, this time the guy in guard goes to his back and places his feet on the other guys hips. Once on the hips the toddler gives forward pressure while the opponent shifts the hips back and returns to sitting guard.

Variation: Pull toddler into butterfly guard roll to your back and then kick back up to BFG similtaneously shifting out to the side with the underhook.

Techniques: BFG sweeps and variations. We started off with the basic BFG sweep and then did them with a hop while turning the corner and with head and arm control to secur the mount.

Isolation rounds: specific sparring at about 50-60% with the goal to pull off th techniques used that we'd just been focussing on. I was rolling with a relatively new guy here and his perceived rate of exertion was a bit off so I kept having to get him to relax as it was heading down the wrong road.

Free sparring/randori: My last session on the mat was a pretty frustating one, I wasn't able to pull anything off and my guard was absolutely horrendous. Today was different and the rolling went smoothly purely because I didn't force anything. The last roll of the day for me was interesting, it was with my coach who is a rooster at 56k compared to my 90 and 2 stripe brown belt, i'm a 2 stripe white haha). He guillotined me early on because I gave him my neck, but I managed to survive anther 6 minutes with him withut being tapped. When I started training in BJJ back in Octber he choked me out 5 or 6 times in 4 minutes so I consider this a bit of a success.

I'm going to be logging my BJJ in detail because it helps me to evaluate the session and take away lessons from both the negative and positive.

Leon Robotham 07-05-2010 01:24 PM

Back Squat 3-3-3+


5 rounds
5 Push Press,70
20 walkin lunge


50 pull-ups.

finished up with a light 1k jog with intermittent sprints between 20-30m each for 6 sets.

Feeling pretty tired today because I haven't had the opportunity to relax this weekend, currently running off about 5 hrs sleep.

Leon Robotham 07-06-2010 01:51 PM

Burgener Warm-up PVC x 3
20 Burpees.


8 x 1 on the minute, 75k no misses.

5 Power Clean, 80

7 rounds in 14.33 and cut it short there. It's been a while since I've done much over 5 minutes, except for BJJ. Didn't feel too bad.

Leon Robotham 07-08-2010 04:31 AM



Light jogging, hip escapes, rolls, breakfalls, hand and grip fighting.


From Sitting guard

Everything building from partners opposite arm with a pistol grip. First one was to scoot the hips in close pressing his arm to the chest and then with the free hand securing a deep underhook with a belt/gi grip. A quick subtle shift to the opposite side of the trapped arm then roll off to the side, elevate with one hook, plant the other on the floor to push up and lift with the arm thatís trapping.

Tried a variation of this which felt a like it was a difficult one to master and also felt low percentage, this one was same set up except you took one hook and placed it on the floor on the outside of your partners guard, felt like there was too much space and an easy opportunity to recover.

After this we did a sweep which was pretty much the same except we had a collar and elbow tie, I can see this one being prtty high percentage, but more of a one to catch somebody off-guard. Kind of judo chop the neck and elbow at the same time from BFG then do the traditional sweep.

One of my favourite sweeps, from BFG with a pistol grip simply jump back pulling the opponent forward and onto his knees, scoot out to the side a little then because you already have one hook in itís easy to take the back from there.

Isolation sparring rounds in BFG working on the techniques, the jump back was really high percentage but I had quite a bit of difficulty with the other two.

Free SparringÖ

Rolled with one of my coaches first and towards the end of a 6 minute round I got too caught up in not getting subbed and reverted to hand fighting from the bottom while he had side control. I should really have gotten straight to my side and worked my escapes, got grilled for it as itís a school boy error. So for the rest of the night I played off bottom being pretty passive until my partner either had side or mount and then worked on my escapes diligently. Things went well just as soon as I worked technique, lesson learned.

It was a warm session tonight on the mats but because I was rolling with quite experienced guys it was relatively chilled, unlike Saturdays which are generally balls to the wall.

Finished up with some press-ups, sit-ups, squats and some HSPU. Nothing serious just killing time while I waited for one of the lads to roll out and get changed.

Leon Robotham 07-08-2010 12:59 PM

Feeling a bit stiff from jits yesterday...

Deads 3-3-3+


About a couple of hours later

3 rounds
30 russian swings , 45k bell
30 squats


Foam roll and stretch.

Derek Simonds 07-08-2010 02:35 PM

Nice goals Leon. I log my BJJ pretty extensively as well. I look forward to following your progress.

Leon Robotham 07-09-2010 06:21 AM

Thanks Derek, I will keep track of your log and can hopefully steel some stuff from you :D

I've heard of a lot of people road mapping their BJJ training and coming up with flow charts of their game plans, is this something that you've done before and if so do you find that it helps?

With regards to my goals.... My bodyweight is 90kg, I always float around that weight, I tried to cut for my last BJJ comp and ended up just missing the weight for the medium heavys so the heavyweight division it is.

I started 5-3-1 with a 1rm back squat (conservative) of 180kg and a deadlift of 235kg. My most recent rep maxes were 170kg back squat for 11 reps and 210 deadlift for 9 reps (without looking back) so almost 6 months into the program I'm getting nearer to those goals. I really need to be more disciplined with accessory work, but as you know sometimes after BJJ your body has taken a toll.

I'm also very conscious that I need to be pressing but after 10 years of muay thai my shoulders are pretty shot, no excuses though, I will begin to get some overhead work in. I did start 5-3-1 with press in there, but after 3 cycles my shoulders went again, not enough caution so I've let them be teh last 12 weeks.

Thanks for saying hi and i'm sure i'll be picking your brains somewhat in the near future.


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