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Joe Hart 07-23-2010 02:08 PM

Lifelong learning
I am pretty sure this article was posted before.


But here is my question. Anyone got any ideas about how to formulate a curriculm? I googled Lifelong Learning Curriculm and didn't really come up with what I think I wanted. Any teachers or Prof or smartypants that has ideas on how to organize this stuff.

So I am thinking about picking a Culture/country and learning about it in various aspects. Maybe Japan, Germany, Rome, Scotland to name a few. So I was thinking 3-4years spent learning about one of the above.

Then the topics of interest:
Hopology (sp?)

I am not real sure how to start. Thanks for any input in advance.

Frank Needham 07-23-2010 06:02 PM

Tell you what, that article is very good and what you are going to do is commendable. There are world class schools that are now offering all their curriculum on the net for any who want to use it. How cool is that? Check out MIT for example, one the greatest schools in the world and all their stuff is available for free. They've been doing it for several years now. What is happening with school's giving it all away for free now is akin to the printing of the Gutenberg Bible back in the day.


Rene Renteria 07-24-2010 06:02 PM

Try the KhanAcademy.org:

Maybe start with the French Revolution; end up at Differential Equations.

What are your specific goals?

Joe Hart 07-24-2010 08:03 PM

I guess my goals are to take a culture / country and learn about it for no other reason than to fill my head with knowledge. I pretty much pissed away an awesome chance to learn stuff when I went to USC but I was more concerned about doing what I needed to get a degree so I could get my commision in the Navy, drink beer and other stuff. I didn't really work that hard. So now that I am older I want to learn all the stuff that I should have when I had the chance.

I am trying to put together a framework so I am not running from pillar to post and not getting anywhere. A nice flow from one thing to another. So if I could, for example, come up with a curriculm for a Japanese Studies degree. Then I could find pertinent books to read and a logical order to read them in.

I suppose I could look to a university's degree requirements and use that. Getting book lists could be somewhat difficult. Do you think Profs would atleast give the booklists for thier class if I explained what I was doing?

Ganine Vanalst 07-24-2010 09:03 PM

You can check out this website:


They sell books to students for various schools (really over priced too). If you know the school/program/course, you can try selecting these and then you will be presented with all the required reading material for that course.

If you need to check courses for a different school, there is no easy way to change schools other than reloading the home page (www.efollet.com) and selecting a new school.

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