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-Ross Hunt 02-22-2007 06:44 PM

Advanced Tuck Front Lever
How long a hold should you get before you start tinkering with the next progression? Is it necessary to get the full 60 seconds if you don't want to cheat yourself, or can you start playing around with tougher progressions sooner?

Also, how do you pull off progressing from the advanced tuck when you don't have access to a pull-up bar wide enough for you to straddle out at the top? I've thought of three ideas--

1) Going up in tuck, lowering with a straddle as wide as the apparatus permits you to.
2) Tucking one knee tight to the chest and extending the other leg ('half-lever?')
3) Keeping both knees bent but opening the hip progressively.

Does anyone have any experience with how well this methods work, or know better ones?


Lazily Expanding Vertical Elevation Resistance.

Robb Wolf 02-23-2007 06:45 AM


Perhaps Scotty, Coach sommer or Ido will chime in on this...but I've not held the foundational movement on the Levers for 60 sec. I tend to rep on the moves, holding static position for about 2 sec. i don't know if you remember the Beast Skills piece talking about the planche and the need for chest strength to tighten that movement up. I think a similar situation exists here in that very strong pulling muscles/shoulder stabilizers appear to help enormously.

Keep in mind I am a hack at all of this. Scotty is much more versed and frankly smarter about progressions on all these BW strength moves.

-Ross Hunt 02-24-2007 03:07 PM

Thanks, Robb.

What you say about shoulder girdle tension rings true. My shoulder strength (front and back alike) has improved a lot since the last time I trained levers, and I'm making much better progress this time around.

Scotty Hagnas 02-24-2007 06:43 PM

Hi Ross-

No, I don't think it's necessary to hold the advanced tuck position for the full minute before progression. I originally did work up to the full minute, but that seemed to have little carryover to the next step. I then went to the 1/2 tuck lever (one leg extended straight, the other tucked) before working the straddle.

The 1/2 tuck will work well with your low ceilings. Start by lowering in the advanced tuck, then extend one leg out as you lower and gain the clearance. For additional fun, once you gain some strength in this position, try "bicycling" your legs in the 1/2 lever position.

One thing that I have found, and this applies to all of the strength positions, is that you need to maintain a significant volume of work in the holds. If you don't, you'll end up regressing. What I mean is that if you are doing 60 seconds of holds in the advanced tuck, then you move to the half tucks, you'll likely drop to less total hold time as the intensity creeps up. You'll progress for a while, but then stall and then maybe even regress. Finish with some work in the easier versions to up the total hold time to avoid this.

Chest activation will greatly help your strength in the front lever. Besides the static holds, be sure to work some negatives in as well. As we are looking for elite strength, not competitive skills, the eventual goal shouldn't really be the front lever hold anyway. Full range strength with straight arms from hang, thru front lever to inverted hang should be the end goal. Negatives will help work toward this.

Scotty Hagnas
CrossFit Portland

-Ross Hunt 02-25-2007 07:23 PM


Thanks for the advice!

What you say about training volume really makes sense. The last time I trained the lever, I did just as you described-- worked up to high volume on the adv. tuck, switched over to 1-leg lever completely when I was able to, and then saw my progress sputter and nosedive.

Based on what you've said, I'll include more variety in my lever training, with adv. tuck negatives, 1-leg negatives, and 1-leg holds as soon as I can pull them off.

Scotty Hagnas 02-28-2007 07:08 PM

Keep us updated on your progress, Ross. Good luck!

Scotty Hagnas
CrossFit Portland

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