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Troy Kerr 09-05-2010 11:02 AM

Right hip pain in ext. rotation
I had my right hip examined by a doc. last week as it has been giving me pain during most activities. When I was working at a restaurant over the summer it always hurt and I figured it was just due to being on my feet for so many hours at a time. Once school started back up I wasen't standing for 8 hours a shift, but I am still having pain.
I had my right hip examined by a doc. and we found that external rotation is what irritates my hip. Which makes sense, for the last few months things like pistol squat progressions, weight squats, etc. have bothered my hip. Usually by the end of the day after walking to classes and being on my feet at my affiliate my hip is in agony. Judging from google images if I had to take a stab at the source of the pain, I would say the femoral head. Last week I tried weighted front squats and my hip was hurting days after.

Even though I train primarily upper body gymnastics, I still warm up my lower body every workout with: Eric Cressy's foam rolling series, forward & lateral leg swings, 10 sec hip flexor stretch, 10 sec. glute stretch, lateral lunge stretches, spiderman lunges, and 10-15 air squats. I have pretty decent hip mobility.

Training I usually rotate leg exercises from Coach Sommers BtGB book of pistol prog., and bodyweight leg curls. However I have stopped doing pistol progressions due to the pain.

Any ideas what I could be dealing with here? I am getting an MRI set up next week sometime, just wanted to get an idea of what I could be looking at here.

It should be noted that my left hip is completely fine. Before I stopped training pistols the other week I performed 7 full ROM pistol squats on it. The only lower body injuries/ surgeries I have ever had was ankle reconstruction on my right ankle.

Any suggestions on possible injury and training would be greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Wyss 09-08-2010 08:21 AM

Can you describe a little more exactly when it hurts during each exercise? When you say external rotation, is that laid on your back with your knee bent at 90 degrees trying to rotate against manual resistance? Or is that during some other exercise?

Steven Low 09-08-2010 02:05 PM

If it's deep inside the joint then it's most likely labrum. That would be bad.

Otherwise, we can go from there and try to figure it out.... what'd your doc say?

Troy Kerr 09-08-2010 04:29 PM

The pain comes from deep squatting. I coach at an affiliate so I constantly demo as much as I try to hold off. Two weeks back I tried to go heavy with front squats, I felt the pain/ pressure at the top of my right hip. I had an appt. with my endocrinologist last wednesday and he took a look while i was lying down, when he brought my knee to my chest, and put it in ext. rotation, a few minutes later it started hurting.

Steven Low 09-09-2010 08:10 AM

Uhhh you didn't answer my question.

Where exactly is the pain?

Pics would help.

Troy Kerr 09-17-2010 10:28 AM

Sorry for the delay in posting. The pain is located at the top of my thigh, and spreads over to the inner groin and lateral portion of my hip. MRI and X-Rays have both come back negative. My doc. is trying to get me in with an sports orthopedic.

Steven Low 09-17-2010 02:26 PM

Well, MRI should have been done with contrast if they wanted to look at the labrum.

I would suggest hitting up some of the stretches in the KStar mobility if that's the case if there's really no labrum or bony issues:


Most likely it's internal impingement of the hip much like the shoulder can gets internally impinged in a lot of throwing athletes.

I would suggest stretchin both ER and IR (here's IR -- http://ericcressey.com/wp-content/up...ch-300x225.jpg ); ER you can do with piriformis stretch or the KStar stuff.

And then also tennis/lacrosse balling the soft tissues in your quads, IT band, hamstring, glutes, especially glute medius/minimus and tensor fasciae latae

Troy Kerr 11-19-2010 05:54 PM

Turns out after review by a Physical Therapist and several sports med. doctors that my pevlis was rotated anteriorly and the possible cause is a SUPER tight psoas. The reasons why its the right side and how it got so tight we are still trying to figure out.
My therapy right now is to stretch out my psoas for the next 2 weeks( my follow up with the PT). And work on normal walking on my right leg. I had developed a limp out of instinct, if I walked normal all day the pain would be unbearable.
So far, the one movement that REALLY seems to irritate my condition is the front lever. I can not maintain a hollow position in a flat tuck, straddle, or single leg, as well as single leg work. The PT did no rule out that it might be a possible labrum.

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