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Brook Ferguson 09-12-2010 05:12 PM

Krill Oil - Better than Fish Oil?
Good morning from Australia!

Been doing a fair bit of reading on Krill Oil recently, and seems like it supposed to be better than fish oil?


But I was hoping that anyone out there has tried it for themselves?



Garrett Smith 09-12-2010 09:27 PM

Krill oil is a bad idea. I wouldn't support it.

Overfishing of krill threatens ocean ecosystem

While it is still unclear whether 684,000 tons will be taken during the 2007/08 fishing season, the figure presents a sharp jump from 109,000 tons caught the previous season but still way below the total allowed catch of six million tons set under commission rules.

But new processing techniques by the Norwegian company Aker BioMarine have recently changed the whole krill fishery, scientists and environmentalists say.

The company has created a new way to harvest and process krill continuously. Previously, it was hard to catch and then later process large amounts of krill because the enzymes inside them break down quickly, spoiling much of the catch.

"The upshot of all this is that instead of one fleet catching 100,000 tons in a season, one boat can catch 100,000 tons in one season," said Gerry Leape, director of the Antarctic Krill Conservation Project.

"All of a sudden if that technology is replicated, you could go from a conservative catch to something that could start being a problem. We are not against krill fishing. We're just against an explosion of it that will not only jeopardize the krill but also have the impacts on the predators and not take into the necessary changes that will be caused by climate change."
That post from Eades is not current in terms of how much krill we are pulling from the oceans. The actual numbers are significant enough to be relatively scary, considering krill forms the base of much of the ocean's food chain.

Brook Ferguson 09-15-2010 10:08 PM

Thanks Garret.

In my quest to find a better source of "fish oil", I came across this bad boy: http://www.gpawholefoods.com.au/blue...ules-p-78.html

A few more questions if you dont mind me asking.
  • Whats the difference between Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil?
  • Why are they putting butter oil in there?



Chris Forbis 09-16-2010 05:49 AM

CLO includes Vitamin A and Vitamin D. I got VA toxicity symptoms when heavy dosing the CLO.

Butter oil: http://www.westonaprice.org/cod-live...il-basics.html

Garrett Smith 09-16-2010 06:02 AM

Chris pretty much said it.

Brook Ferguson 09-16-2010 03:59 PM

Thanks gents. Appreciate the info.

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