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Guy Giard 10-02-2010 03:46 PM

Starting new program with videos! Need your feedback on form!
Hi everyone, I have just started my October Month Paleo Challenge: No Grains, No Legumes, No Dairy, and lots of coconut milk (my addition ;-))

At the same time I've started an exercise program but I'm doing it all at home by myself, so if some of you have some experience in good form I would appreciate if you could have a look.

I posted a summary of the program itself and of all the exercises with sets/reps I'm going to do for the next 4 weeks. As well as did a few videos of my doing them because I need some feedback on improving the forms.

There are videos of the complete recomended warm-up (10x each)
1- Jumping Jacks
2- Arm Circles
3- Lunges
4- Body-weight Squats
5- Hip Extensions
6- Lying Straight-leg raises
7- Pushup Plus
8- Thoracic Rotations
9- Fire Hydrant in-out

as well as excerpts of the 5 exercises in workouts A and B: all are 2 sets of 15, then 3 sets of 15
1-Static Lunge
2-Incline Dumbell Bench Press
3-Hip Extension
4-Seated Row To Neck
5-Prone Cobra
6-Dumbbell Stepup
7-Neutral-Grip Shoulder Press
8-Goblet Squat
9-Dumbbell Pullover
I also did a session of Tabata as Cardio on the resting days.

I'm doing all of this on strick Paleo Nutrition, with no protein shakes, I'm eating a lot of sardines, ham and eggs as post workout proteins. These are the last videos I will be posting until I move to phase B of the program in november, so any advice is always highly appreciated!

So until next, thanks again for your great support!!!!

You can see the videos at this adress:

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