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Troy Kerr 10-22-2010 08:38 PM

Programming lower volume
I am currently working on developing my static holds in the planche, front lever, back lever, and handstand. But due to work/school I not only have issues with time to get all the volume in, but also my recovery isn't as adequate consistently as it should be. While I am working on my recovery issues, I was wondering what is the best way to divide my static training up on a 3-4 day a week schedules. I was thinking along the lines of 1 push and 1 pull a day either a lower body push/pull. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Grissim Connery 10-23-2010 12:56 PM

your statement seems contradictory => you need help fitting everything in, but you are having trouble recovering. it sounds like you should just do less.

i've recently had on average 2 days to train outside of grappling classes. this is what has worked for me:

day 1: ~85% pressing, ~15% pulling
handstand/press to hs work
ring support/cross statics
L statics
very minimal work (just for a bit of stimulus): BL and FL
30 min jump rope

day 2: ~60% weights, ~30 pulling, ~10% pressing
squat 5x5
CJ 3x3
pullup work:
-nipples over bar
-l pullups
-slow ice cream makers w/ static holds when chin comes to bar
BL and FL statics
very minimal work: press to HS
30min jump rope

(note 1: day 1 is at home, day 2 is at gym)

these are the skeletons; i add dips, DL, planche, etc. according to how i feel and time

i have seen decent progress with this. i know that most all my pressing is on one day. i originally did that for convenience since i was at home, but now i've seen more progress doing that compared to before. if i didn't have grappling and could add another day, i would probably have a 60-70% pulling day. i get enough of that in BJJ right now though.

pull from that whatever you think could help

Troy Kerr 10-23-2010 08:09 PM

I appreciate the input. I think right now its a mix of mental aspects and physical. Right now I just have a lot on my plate outside the gym. So the high volume of planche, front lever, back lever, and handstand with rotating through concentric movements just seem's like a lot to focus on, probably could be due to the fact that I have been following the same routine for awhile while still progressing through statics. A lot of it could be in my head. Right now it just seems more effective focusing on 1-2 movements per workout.

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