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Don Stevenson 01-01-2011 08:49 PM

2011 A powerlifting odyssey
After a miserable 2010 training wise with only one real PR and literally months off training at various times due to work and the arrival of our first kid i'm now back on track and focused on one simple goal for this year.

Get Strong.

I've decided to skip strongman comps for at least the first 6 months of the year as I don't have the time to travel to event training or the time to do all the assistance stuff i used to do in the gym.

The goal for this year is therefore pretty simple.

Total 700kg / 1540lb raw, in a powerlifting comp at 100kg / 220lb bodyweight.

Don Stevenson 01-01-2011 08:55 PM


Smolov Day 1

BP 105kg 8,7, 100kg x5
BSQ 150kg 3x9

Session was a bit ragged and i felt like crap after. Most likely from not having had any thing to eat prior. Won't make that mistake again.

Diet low in refined carbs is working well. Weight has tracked down from 110.0kg to 104.9 kg over three weeks, including the Christmas silly season.

Don Stevenson 01-05-2011 02:24 AM


Run 3 x 800m very very slowly.

Could barely walk after squats


Attempted to do Smolov day 2 but got stopped after BP by the gym closing! Stupid holiday hours

BP 116kg 3x5

BW 104.0kg

Don Stevenson 01-07-2011 09:16 PM


Squats 160kg 4x7


Run 3.5km


BP 120kg 3, 3, 4
BSQ 170kg 5x5

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