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Brian Christopher 03-25-2011 05:52 PM

Olympic Taekwondo Training
I an olympic taekwondo fighter at a national level. I have always been pretty athletic, and I want to really focus on my explosiveness.Well more so,I want to be able to be explosive consecutively throughout action in my fighter...Almost like continuously springing off the ground for about 10 seconds or so at time.. I am having a hard time thinking of a training program or template to help me with this. My national championship tournament day is exactly July 3rd,and from April 18th until then,I want to improve that.

As well as that,I would like to be extremely conditioned in anyway shape or form without having to do endless cardio as ive been doing. I used to be a college sprinter in the 400h,but the type of fitness I seek is to the point where I wear down my opponents and continuously apply pressure.. This clip I think illustrates in a way,the pace I want to take up.


I am pretty decent in my lifts,and I love to clean and snatch. My numbers are Back Squat :330,Hang Power Clean: 205,Vertical Jump :34. I am 5'11 168 and I fight at 163.1. I dont know what else to write but its great to be on the forum.Anything else,just let me know.

God Bless.

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