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Thomas Schneitter 04-05-2011 02:31 PM

Preparation for 4 sports leagues
I have agreed to be a member of 4 teams in 4 different sports. I will be playing volleyball, basketball, soccer and ultimate frisbee. I have 3 months to prepare before the leagues begin. I am writing my schedule to get feedback from others regarding the effectiveness of this routine. I used sources on the web to create this routine.

Early Preseason( 6 weeks)
Three times a week
Skill training in A.M.

Strength Training working to develop maximum strength P.M.
Endurance Training low intensity aerobic conditioning. Continuous training wwill be performed for the first 2-3 weeks . the sessions will be between 30-45 minutes at 75-80% maximum.


Late Preseason
Three Times a week
Skill training in A.M
Speed and agility Training A.M. As the competitive season draws closer my training will place more and more emphasis on quickness and sharpness. It will also be more sport specific. I will try to incorporate a ball and basic passing and shooting skills. (basketball), dribbling and passing skills(soccer), passing and digging( volleyball) passing (ultimate frisbee) etc. This type of training shouldn't leave me fatigued. I am going to work on lateral speed with stopping, starting, landing and change of direction,
Strength Training 4 weeks before the season gradually decrease the number of strength sessions and replace them with power training sessions such as plyometrics.
Endurance Training All of the endurance training will be in the form of interval training. The intervals will become more sport-specific during this phase. Keep the intervals short and intense, include twists and turns running backwards, train on grass( soccer and ultimate frisbee) and in the gym ( basketball and volleyball) and perform sport specific activities during active recovery periods. Perform Line drills(suicides). Resistance circuit training- Bodyweight,Resistance bands, sandbags

How do I incorporate power endurance and speed strength into my schedule?

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