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Matt Knox 04-25-2011 09:42 AM

NooB training log
Hey everyone, I am new here and pretty new to oly lifting. I have started the 10x3 leg strength program and will put up numbers soon. I am pretty weak but I want to get strong in these lifts. here are some of my stats 30y/o, 5'9'', 167-170lbs, 12%bf. My goals by june 21 (vacation) is to be at about 8% body fat. In no specific time frame I would like to get my clean and jerk to about 200lbs and snatch to about 165. These are short term goals but I feel they are doable. If you guys have any critiques or info for me please let me know. I need to get up to Matt Wichlinski status haha.

Per Karlsson 04-26-2011 02:28 AM

Hi Matt,

We are about the same size and have about the same goals. First to jerk 200 one wins a big prize! :)

Matt Knox 04-26-2011 03:33 PM

You're on haha!

Matt Knox 05-01-2011 05:49 PM

Well I have been on vacation and I didn't have access to the internet, which was kind of nice. I got to a gym on Saturday and did my max, or as best I could. I am still a weak ass, but I think I am doing ok even though I have never had any formal coaching.

Snatch- 136lbs
C&J- 175lbs
Squat- 265lbs (have done more, but stopped here feeling I could not get another rep.

Start week 3 on monday

Matt Knox 05-02-2011 03:52 PM

Back Squat 205x3x10
snatch pull 125x3x5
snatch dead 140x3x1

no cardio today

Per Karlsson 05-03-2011 12:24 PM

you are winning. Damn... Nice lifting!

Matt Knox 05-04-2011 03:09 AM


Originally Posted by Per Karlsson (Post 89440)
you are winning. Damn... Nice lifting!

Thank you. Now I just have to get all my lifts so go up.

Matt Knox 05-04-2011 03:13 AM

Power Snatch- (80lbs, 90lbs, 95lbs)x3
Jerk heavy sings- 135lbs

3 rds
5- 95lb snatch push press
10 chainsaw rows (53lb kettlebell)
15 hanging leg raises

Felt kind of weak today since I did all this about an hour after muay thai class. Usually work out in the morning.

Matt Knox 05-04-2011 01:12 PM

Front squat- 120x3x10
clean pull- 160x3x2
clean dead- 180x3x1
sit ups- 70, 68,64

I screwed up my back a little over 2 years ago deadlifting. Everytime I go super heavy (I maxed 405 on trap bar in november) I have pain for about 3 days. Since going lighter and more explosive on these I have felt WAY better.

Matt Knox 05-06-2011 03:10 AM

Clean 105, 115, 120x3
had to change heavy single to snatch balance practice with reps due to being at a globo gym and not having bumper plates. Last time I dropped a weight I got a talking to.

15 pullups
10 db clean & press
Did not time myself but I was completely smoked. Then I did 6 rounds of muay thai training on the heavy bag.

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