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Luís Rosindo 01-02-2012 05:39 AM

Luís Rosindo log
Hi guys, I present myself to you :).
24yrs old guy from Portugal.
Sporting background
Soccer-6 to 16 yrs old
Kickboxing- 14 to 18yrs old, and at 19 until 22
Mountain biking - 19 to 22yrs old.

Joined the Air Force at 19, I am now an helicopter Pilot, objectives are to lose weight (my soccer weight was 72, my kickboxing weight was 68), get faster and try to mantain and if possible gain some strenght.

I will train 6days per week, and will be like this:

mon-speed work (sprints plyos etc) and gym
tue-soccer practice (i will start to play soccer again)
wed-speed work and gym
thur-soccer practice
fri- speed work and gym

on tuesdays and thursdays will also do some active recovery in the morning.

PR´s and times taken in December:

Power CLean- 60kg
Snatch: 45kg
Chin ups-92kg

30m (standing start with track shoes)-4.50s
60m (standing start with start shoes)-7.75s
Vertical Jump(standing start)-52.5cms
Horizontal Jump(standing star)-2.14m

24yr old

Objectives for the first half of 2012:

Vertical jump-60cms
Horizontal jump-2.40m
Try to mantain or even gain some strengh in other lifts.

Cheers ;) and a happy new 2012

Luís Rosindo 01-02-2012 05:42 AM

Today´s train was just to "oil the joints" as we say in Portugal but it was a good train with PR´s!



Power CLean- 8x30k 6x30k 5x40k 3x45k 2x50k 2x55k 2x60k +1 rep PR

Overhead Press- 8x20 6x25 5x30 5x35 3x40 2x45 3x50 +1rep PR 8x40

PM- 25 light jog with my dog + 15mins walking


Luís Rosindo 01-05-2012 05:57 AM


Had the time visit the gym in the morning:

Bench Press- 15xBar 10x30k 6x40k 6x45k 5x50k 5x55k 3x60k - all easy, workout only to move a little

Chin ups 3x3BW

10´ light jog.

PM- Soccer Practice- the first in abou 4 or 5 years! Very rusty, conditioning sucks but despite being 10kg heavy I still have some speed and acceleration.

The grass was wet and on a sliding tackle hurt my elbow and wrist!

Luís Rosindo 01-05-2012 05:58 AM


With some DOMS from soccer practice yesterday, my wrist and elbow hurt a lot!
Decided to rest.

Luís Rosindo 01-05-2012 06:00 AM


AM- Managed to go to the gym for a quick workout.

DeadLift- 20xbar 10x40k 6x50k 5x60k 5x65k 3x70k 3x75k 3x80k(my wrist started to hurt) 2x85.
Called it a day because of the wrist. the elbow is much better. very easy and solid lifts despite the wrist pain!

At night soccer practice.

Luís Rosindo 01-09-2012 04:01 AM


Was supposed to do some sprints but was very sore from soccer practice!

Luís Rosindo 01-09-2012 04:07 AM


Did some Deadlifting and Squat

DL-15xbar 10x40k 8x50k 6x60k 5x70k 5x75k 3x85k 3x90k 3x100k 2x105k(easy but wrist hurt)

SQ-15xbar 10x30k 8x40k 8x45k 6x5k0 6x60k 5x65k 5x70k 4x75k 3x80k 3x85k 2x90k

In this first week I am very sore.
Workouts were only to start moving again. Next week a little more structured work.


Luís Rosindo 01-09-2012 04:09 AM


Rest. Hamstrings Very sore!

Luís Rosindo 01-09-2012 04:13 AM

9-01 week2 Weight 73.0 (-700gr)

Still a little sore in the hamstrings. this week starting a structured workout

AM-Short Sprints workout


-3x50m (starting slowly and accelerating)

-5x10m (lying on the ground starting)- 1min rest between reps

4mins rest ( with 1x30 crunches, 1x5 pushups 1x15s planks)

4x20m (standing start) - 1min30s rest between reps

4mins rest ( with 1x30 crunches, 1x5 pushups 1x15s planks)

3x30m (standing star) - 2mins rest between reps


PM will be gym.


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