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Nicholas Wyss 01-22-2012 01:52 PM

Standing at work to relieve low back pain?

Just finished grad school and been working full-time for about 7 months now. Counting driving time I am sitting 9-11 hours per day. Never sat this much before. I started experiencing low back pain around months 3 or 4, and it has progressively gotten worse. Initially I had some massages and it seemed like it was a strained iliocostalis. It was very painful to have massaged when compared to the other muscles. In the past week, the pain seems to have gotten worse, and I am experiencing really painful spasms, often when I try to stand up after sitting for a while. I am also experiencing pain much closer to my lumbar vertebrae, and I can even feel a dull pain/feeling of instability when I am laying down. The pain laying down has just been since Friday. I am hoping its not a disc.

So I have had some back pain before, and I have been doing marching exercises while stabilizing the hips, bird dogs, glute bridges, and side planks. Right now regular planks cause me pain.

So, any thoughts you might have about the source of pain would be helpful.

Secondly though, even though I have been doing my rehab/prehab exercises, the pain seems to be getting worse. So I have been considering standing at work instead of sitting. I was wondering if anybody else had any personal experience or anecdotes to share about this idea.

The sitting makes my hip flexors tights, so I think if I just stand all day they will pull me into lordosis. I am thinking about bringing a stool, and putting one leg up on it so I am in a sort of lunge, and then switching legs every so often. I figure I can stretch the hip flexors on the back leg, and the lunging posture will help keep my low back in a better alignment.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

Blair Lowe 01-22-2012 06:17 PM

I've heard some people use swiss balls to sit at their desks but I'm not sure one of those would be allowed in an office environment.

Nicholas Wyss 01-22-2012 08:17 PM

I actually bought a swiss ball about a month ago. I thought I would give it a try. It forces me to sit up straight, but I'm not sure it helps. Sometimes it even seems like my back hurts worse with it and I go back to the chair.

Steven Low 01-23-2012 01:53 PM

If flexion makes it painful make sure you have a lumbar support roll

Otherwise, standing could be a good alternative

Nicholas Wyss 01-25-2012 06:10 AM

I think flexion is how the pain started, but the muscles back there seem so fatigued and prone to spasm that even when im sitting upright, just the work they have to put in to keep me from moving back into flexion makes them spasm.

I have been standing for two days now. It seems to be relieving the pain, although I still have a ways to go until I would say I'm recovered. I have have been alternating stances between kind of regressed warriors 1 and 2, not lunging too deep. I tried putting my leg up on the chair in kind of a lunge but it rolls away from me. I am going to find some sort of stool I can put my weight into so it won't move.

Steven, thanks for the advice. I think after standing for a while I will be able to start sitting again at least for short periods, and I will definitely use a lumbar roll. I think overall I will try to stand more though, seems like it's just healthier. If anybody else ever comes across this thread and actually does stand at work and has techniques for making your feet hurt less or different postures to break it up, feel free to post. Thanks!

Steven Low 01-25-2012 08:21 AM

See if some of the other mobility exercises here help as well


Frank Needham 04-05-2012 02:40 PM

Haven't been in a while, so first of all Hi!

I stand at work everyday, built my own standing desk by modifying the office supplied one. Sometimes I sit to break things up. Even standing can have problems I find. I started standing coz my arse started getting shaped like my chair:D Joking....My tailbone did start getting very sore from sitting so that was my initial motivation. It has helped a bunch, soreness only shows up when I go back to sitting.

Going back to the problems with standing for a moment. I can be so lazy sometimes I'll stand leaning with all my weight on one foot for hours sometimes without even thinking about it. You guessed it, my foot gets sore...doh! Got to remind myself to move around once in while. I've taken to keeping a broom stick at my desk and I'll grab it every now and then to do some OHS form stuff. Pretty nice, keeps me loose and relieves a lot of tension too.

There's a guy here who does sit on one of them bosu things. First time I saw that I said "hey, you're sitting on a ball" and the reply I got was "yeah, it's good for my 'roids".

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