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Matt Lee 02-10-2012 07:28 AM

Matt's road to athleticism
So a little background information. I used to be kind of fat but fell in love with lifting. I just started getting really serious about this. I started out training in a powerlifting style and I liked that a pretty good amount, but it wasn't perfect. I tried bodybuilding training but I absolutely hated that. So throughout my training I've been doing a little weightlifting, but I really enjoyed it so this next week I want to jump into the workout of the day that they list on here.

Training goals: to become proficient in olympic weightlifting and bodyweight strength training

Facts: I'm 17 about 5'9" 155 pounds probably around 12% bodyfat
Snatch is right now at a max of 135lbs
Clean and Jerk is probably about 155lbs (I've been doing snatches for a couple months but I haven't really been training the clean and jerk so that will start out a lot lower)
Bench 185
Squat about 245? Haven't squatted in a while
Front squat 185
Deadlift 285 (used to be really high about 345 about 9 months ago I don't know what happened and it's been a pain working it back up)

My diet is not very regulated except that I try to eat fairly clean. I want to get my diet down and regulated fairly soon though.

Matt Lee 02-14-2012 03:33 PM

Well yesterday was really busy. I had work right after school and musical right after work so I didn't get to work out. So I ended up doing yesterday's workout today

Did Snatch warm-up
Working sets were 5 triples at 95lbs
Did snatch pulls 5 sets of 4 at 115lbs
Ended up doing pause back squat low olympic style 5x5 at 135

After this workout my legs felt like jello the squats were killer. Great workout today.

Matt Lee 02-15-2012 03:10 PM

ok so I was super sore in my hams and glutes today it felt good but for my workout it went like

Tuck planche work

BTN jerks went like
135x1 135x1 135x1 after this was feeling good so went

Power snatches it said 65% so thats 65 of my power snatch or full snatch I did it off power snatch so
80x4 80x3 80x3 80x3 80x3

Push press went
105x5 105x5 105x4 push presses are weird for me because Im used to doing a push press but ducking underneath to catch it with bent knees but I dont think thats right so they were closer to strict than a push press. Also the planche work and snatches with a crappy no knurling bar wore out my grip.
good workout though Im loving this WOD thing!

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