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Troy Kerr 02-21-2012 11:26 AM

In season training for Crossfit
Crossfit sectionals begin tomorrow. Each workout will be released wednesday at 5, and your final score must be in sunday at 5. People took a ton of different approaches to this last year. Jenny Lebaw from Norcal S&C stated that she was still doing a ton of strength training at this point.

My question is, what would be an effective template to use to organize one's training during this 5-6 week event. With a max of 2 attempts at the workout. Depending on someone's current status, should their strength levels aimed to be maintained or increased? Obviously the movements in the workout will have a huge impact on the weeks organization. Just looking for advice on organizing the week.


Blair Lowe 02-22-2012 10:56 PM

Hmm, tough to say. The Games aren't till mid July while the Regionals are basically in May (late April). 5 more months really if they have a chance of still being around in May.

I know last year, a lot of people would or could try a workout up to half a dozen times during the week. If they are anything like last year, that may be possible. Sectional WOD's varied from 5-20m, a lot being in that 10 or 15 AMRAP.

For something like the new WOD 1 7 minute burpee AMRAP, that is something that could probably be tried optimally every other day or three days I'd wager.

I still think it would be very doable to keep up with strength and metcon and skill training, especially if the sectional WOD was split from the day to day training.

Since they will all virtually be metcons of some sort, strength and skill training could still be done or just relegated to focusing on the sectional WOD that day.

So for example, Day1 - attempted sectional WOD with some skill training before or after. Depending on it's severity either strength/focused skill work that is tiring (ring work, odd object lifting/pushing, etc) split later or on Day2. Rest Day 3. Try again Day 4. Train Day 5 and or 6. Rest day 7.

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