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Chad Lammert 04-28-2012 01:23 PM

Sn and C&J 4-28-12
This weekend was an informal competition. Didn't know what to expect coming in because I haven't had a ton of exposure to my max weights in a while. All things considered, felt good today. Almost hit a PR in the snatch today at 170 (in the video), and hit a pr today in the clean and jerk at 205 (previous 200 and the video is 195, one of my warm up attempts. Hard work seems to be paying off--felt real fast today, just wish I didn't let that snatch get away from me.

Snatch: http://youtu.be/zlRonXYhy3U

C&J: http://youtu.be/Kh_bgUc1RRU

BTW, when you're in competiton, how do you try to stay warm between attempts?

Thanks guys,


Matt Foreman 04-28-2012 06:21 PM

You'll probably get some more detailed technique advice from others, but I'll mention that you're definitely doing some things right. Your snatch had a big loop forward in the pull, which is why you missed it. But you can definitely snatch that and more with work and focus on perfect technique(actively pulling yourself under the bar, feeling it close to your body and face when you're turning it over). For staying warm between attempts, you shouldn't have that much time between attempts unless you're taking big jumps. If you're getting cold, just do some simple things like bodyweight squats and arm circles to keep your shoulders loose.

One other thing, and I totally don't mean this to sound like a jerk or anything. Lose the hat.

Chad Lammert 04-28-2012 07:24 PM

Thanks Matt-

I've really been working my butt off these last few weeks to keep the bar as close as possible during the second pull and also getting the right movement on the bar right off the floor in the first pull.

And thanks for the advice on staying warm. It was at least 12-15 minutes between my first attempt (shown in the vid) and second attempt (which was so atrocious, I couldn't put it up here). I really blame the waiting period on this one. I see a lot of people taking other reps to stay warm, but I gotta think that if they are going heavy, they will tire themselves out and if they go light, the heavy weight in the competition attempt might be too much of a shock to adapt to. I like the idea of air squats and arm circles--the blood keeps moving and I can think about my next attempt without messing it up or getting distracted by some rep I pull off to the side somewhere.



Originally Posted by Matt Foreman (Post 96341)
One other thing, and I totally don't mean this to sound like a jerk or anything. Lose the hat.

No problem.

thanks Matt

Matt Foreman 04-29-2012 10:12 AM

15 minutes is a long time between attempts. Hopefully, you won't have too many situations where you have to wait that long. Taking one or two light attempts in the warmup room isn't a bad idea if you've got an excessively long wait (like 15 minutes). I had a few meets where my competition attempts were around 140-145 or so, and I had to wait a really long time like you're describing. Going back in the warmup room and taking one or two really light attempts (like around 50%) just to stay warm isn't a bad idea. You mentioned, "and if they go light, the heavy weight in the competition attempt might be too much of a shock to adapt to" Taking a really light attempt between two really heavy competition attempts won't screw you up. It seems like it will, but it won't. You'll still be able to make the adjustment when you go up for your next competition attempt. I've done it a few times and it didn't cause any problems.

But like I said, you shouldn't have many times where this happens.

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