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Gabriel Sanchez 05-03-2012 04:50 PM

My Olympic/gymnastics routine
Id like to get some help, and thoughts on my routine, if you would be so kind, as to reply, thank-you in advance. For gymnastics statics you hold lets say a l-sit for failure 20 seconds, then you split it into 2 sets of 10 seconds, so 2x10, then in 2 months re test your max? is this correct?

A Tuesday
1.Handstands 4x15, then 4xfailure walking up wall on hands- what are more advanced progressions? Cant keep my balance up with my handstand should i still chose another progression?
2.Back leaver 2x8
3. l-sit 2x10
4. reverse hyper extensions weighted 3x8 good idea?
5. advance frog stance 2x10
6. front leaver 2x8
7. iron cross pull, on lat pull-down 3x5 good idea?

B Wednesday
1. weighted push-ups 3x5 weight on back
2. weighted inverted rows 3x5 weight on chest good idea?
3. Front Squat 5/3/1
4. Shrugs 3x5
5. calf raises 3x8

C Friday
1. advance frog stance 2x10
2. front leaver 2x8
3. l-sit 2x10
4. step-ups 3x8
5. handstands 4x15
6.back leaver 2x8
7. iron cross pull, on lat pull-down 3x5

D saturday
1. hand stand presses 3x5 not full rom, 1 drop rep, 3x8 on toes
2.weighted pull-ups 4x5
3. straight bar dips 2x failure waiting till i reach 8 to add weight 2x5
4. Russian dips 2x failure might change later to weighted regular dips 2x5
5. Power cleans 5/3/1
6. Roman Dead lift 5/3/1
7.leg raises 3xfailure, should i look into dragon flags, and ab wheel?

Thanks for reading.

Troy Kerr 05-04-2012 01:53 PM

Check out Steve's article The Fundamentals of Bodyweight Training on Eatmoveimprove.com for the hows and whys on programming bodyweight workouts,also I would recommend his book "Overcoming Gravity" as well for better training info.

If static holds: Planche, front lever, and back lever are your goals, then putting them into your routine can help you develop them faster. However in my own experience, focusing on too many goals at once will slow an scatter your progress. I have had dramatic strength increases with Steve's training advice on gymnastics, as well as narrowing my goals. For the front lever I realized a few months ago that I was not focusing on proper scapula position and lat activation, as well as a proper hollow body. I also performed bodyweight rows by pulling with my arms, instead of focusing 100% of proper scapula retraction and lat activation. Fastforward to this week and I my full lay front lever has gone from 1-2 seconds ( on a good day) to a solid 5. Moral of the story? Master the basics, and think about what your doing. Simply doing a pull-up dosent mean your doing it right, you have to focus on using your scapula and activation your lats.

Read Steve's article, buy his book, really it will help your training tremendously.

As for your question, no that is not entirely correct. If your max L-sit is 20 seconds, using the 50% method, you would do 6x 10 seconds. This brings your total L-sit volume up to 60 seconds. This is okay and works well for some. I like using Steve's variation of the Prilepin's Table, which takes your total static hold time, and allows you to adjust your sets and reps based on %'s of your static hold, similar to weightlifting. In 2 years of bodyweight training I like this method much better. Using higher hold times helped me go from a 2 second tuck planche to a 20 second tuck planche in 8 weeks. If Steve wishes to detail that chart he may, but since it is from his book I will not.

Based on your schedule I would adjust to a total body program, 3x a week. This can be done M/ W/ F or Tu/TR/Sat, etc. Handstand and L-sit/manna progression should be treated as skill work in the beginning. This means you would do them everyday, after your warm-up, but before your strength training. Static holds for the planche, front lever, and back lever would come next, Then concentrics like dips, rows, pull-ups,etc. Make sure to include pre-hab as well. Reverse hypers and core work should be done at the end of your workout.

Again, read Steves article, heres the link.

Gabriel Sanchez 05-07-2012 06:02 PM

Thanks for the reply, i have read the article of the fundamentals of body weight training before hand, haven't read the book, but ill look for it, the whole reason for my routine is to help my gymnastics further progress, i like the way you set it up for me, but i still want to incorporate some lifting, do you think i should split my training so that i do lifting on Tuesdays, and Thursdays? so if i have a max hold of 8 seconds, i would split it into 6 sets of 4 seconds, or 15 sets of 4 seconds?

Troy Kerr 05-09-2012 10:02 AM

If your schedule permits you could lift on separate days or the same day. Lifting on the same day will create a bigger stimulus for your body, however if your schedule is tight or your tired from the upper body work, you may not be able to put in quality heavy lifting. So your schedule might look like this

A.) Gymnastics
Handstand balancing
L-sit progression
Planche 4-5 sets
Front lever 4-5 sets
Squats/ Deads
External rotators
Posterior delts
lower traps
mid traps
wrist extensors

A) total body gymnastics
B) Legs

I have always had a hard time combining olympic liftings and gymnastic work due to the incorporation of the upper body in the o-lifts. How much time do u have per. day to workout? Can you only workout on the days you listed?

Steven Low 05-11-2012 02:40 PM


For gymnastics statics you hold lets say a l-sit for failure 20 seconds, then you split it into 2 sets of 10 seconds, so 2x10, then in 2 months re test your max? is this correct?
For isometrics I would suggesting working about 3-5 sets of 60-70% max hold... then retesting after a week or so.

This is outlined in the book. The same for both strength and skill isometrics (handstand, L-sit, and the strength ones like back lever, front lever, planche, etc.).

And then pretty much what Troy said... narrow down the goals.

3x full body tends to work best. Otherwise, maybe a push/pull or 2 day split you'll do a couple times a week. 3 day or more splits are just inefficient and you'll progress rather slow, especially in developing strength.

Gabriel Sanchez 06-11-2012 08:34 AM

okay i fixed it up. on static i do "3-5 sets of 60-70% max hold"

1. advance frog stance, planche pulls back and forth on ball 3xfailure
2. front leaver
3. l-sit
4. step-ups
5. handstands 4x15
6.back leaver
7. muscle ups 3x5
8. iron cross pulls 3x5 failure 3x5 max reach out

1.hand stand push-up negatives 3x5 pike-push-ups 3x5
2.weighted planche push-ups 3x5
3.pistol squats 3x3
4.box jumps 3x3
5.lunges 3x8
6.leg raises 3xfailure or 12

1.Handstands 4x15 don't know max hold still need balance, Hand stand walks 3x failure
2.Back leaver
3. l-sit
5. advance frog stance
6. front leaver
7. Muscle-ups 3x5
8. iron cross pulls 3x5 failure 3x5 max reach out

1.one handed 1x5 pull-ups 1x5 chin-ups
2.front leaver rows 3xfailure
3.Romanian Dead Lift 3x3
4.Power cleans 3x3
5.Power shrugs 3x5
6.Glute ham raises 3x8
7.ab wheel 3xfailure or 12

Steven Low 06-13-2012 11:02 AM

Is this 4x a week so like M, Tu, Th, F?

You should not be working iron cross if you're not far along with back lever, front lever, and planche. Unless you want to give yourself an elbow or shoulder injury that is.

If you have access to weights you should be doing squats and deadlifts for your leg exercises. No need to get fancy with lunges, box jumps, RDLs, etc. Just do squats and deadlifts.

L-sits and ab wheel are fine.

Rest of the upper body work is likely fine.

Read this article on how to structure the isometric hold sets:


Gabriel Sanchez 06-14-2012 02:16 AM

Yes that's correct. and thanks, a lot Steve for the help.

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