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raphael cecchin 05-09-2012 11:36 PM

Deltoit bursitis
everybody, I write here because I hope to get any advice out there from people that had my same exiperience.

About 3 month during a work out I felt a pain on left tricipe, at the begining I didn't not thought it was something seriuos so i just countinued working out but a bit lighter, but I had 2-3 moments that hurt bad.

After A month my doctor sent me to physiotherapy, where I spent my last 2 months, an meanwhile I went to a doctor to get a echography (that showed a bursitis on my deltoid, but the rotator cuffs looked fine), and i got some arnika injections.

now after 2 months of treatments.
when I do a lateral arm elevation I can get to 95-100°before feeling some pain, before I just arrived to 40-45°. this does not happen if I trz to elevate the arm frontally (no pain at all)
The other movement was to put in a jacket trying to put as second arm in the sleeve my left of (also this has become better).
And of course i can forget to do OHS

Now, after this introduction I wanted to know if there are come effective exercices to do to accellerate a bit the healing, I already do a lot of stretching and some work with the bands.
But now that the big part of the pain is gone could I think to start do some easy bodyweigt exercices? Or beging to work on back or front squat with a barbel?

CAn somedoby give me some more advise maybe? :P i'm becoming a bit annoyed with this problem.

Thank you for your time


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