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Chad Lammert 07-06-2012 04:52 PM

...Is there an app for that?
This evening, my old man had me download a new app to my phone that would track my workouts, progress and performance. Promised many interesting features, I felt a little disappointed finding out that after spending $1.99 on what is supposed to be crossfit's greatest app, might just be that: crossfit's greatest app. It tracks crossfit workouts and does some other interesting things, but when it comes to allowing me to track my performance in weightlifting and log my workouts, it doesn't really deliver what I was hoping. I've already deleted it from my phone and I can't help but think about the overpriced coffee I'm now out because I had to buy this app just to find out I didn't need it.

So here's my question: does anyone have an app they like that supports the kinds of workout's that occur in the weightlifting gym that they would recommend?

Second: When's the Catalyst Athletics app coming out?!

Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing the recomendations

Yael Grauer 07-07-2012 02:36 PM

I use Fitocracy. It doesn't have every exercise in there, but it has a lot, and it's fun to use... and free.

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