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Kizame Zu 11-03-2012 04:03 AM

What is the opposite of an olympic lift?
Hello everyone!

I was inspired to make this thread by this image when browsing 9gag:

I was thinking about it a while and concluded that actually it would not be such a bad exercise as it looks in the first place.

When doing Olympic Lifts the goal is to lift a bar lying on the ground against its gravity over our heads.
The muscles that are mainly involved are the quadriceps, gluteus, calves, the whole spinal erector, the neck (trapecius), shoulders and triceps.

Now let us imagine the opposite of an Olympic Lift. That would mean the goal is to take a bar that is floating via anti-gravity over our heads and lower it against the anti-gravity on the ground while having our feet glued on the ground.
The muscles that are mainly involved would be the lats and biceps to pull down the bar, the abs and hip flexorrs to bend over, the hamstrings to squat down and at last the pecs and deltaloids do push the bar down to the ground.

Would'nt this be an awesome exercise in addition to the usual olympic lifts? I think it definetely would! But where do we get anti-gravity from? One way would be a bigger version of a cable pulling machine (don't know the english word) where you hook your feet into a panel on the ground similar to that one sitting calve machine.
That would look like this:

I have never seen anything like that because all the cable pulling machines I know are too small and you cannot hook your feet in while standing.
Has anybody seen a similar exercise that is unknown to me and comes closest to this one?
Would there be any problems with that exercise? Why doesn't it actually exist so far?

Kizame Zu

Andy Franks 11-04-2012 04:41 AM

weighted muscle ups?

good luck with that.

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