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Garrison Weber 11-14-2012 04:43 PM

Clean and jerk form
Hit a new PR today of 236lbs on C&J. and got it on video.

I know I"m still dipping forward a little bit on my jerks, but anything else y'all can see would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Greg Everett 11-19-2012 02:35 PM

Bring the bar back toward you a bit more in your start position and tighten up that back (and watch the dynamic start - you're bumping the bar out w your shins, although you did bring it back).

Weight back a bit more toward the heels during the pull and work on strengthening your back and that clean will be good.

On the jerk, when you dip, push your knees to the sides a bit and go a little shallower. Really focus on keeping your trunk vertical rather than letting your hips sit back.

Otherwise looks pretty good. Nice work on the PR.

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