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J.C. Nessa 12-14-2012 04:28 PM

Correcting poor form on cleans
Hi Greg or Aimee,

I took this video on the middle set of 7x3 squat cleans. Here are some things I noticed after watching it:

1.) I stand up with my legs first instead of opening hips at the same time (I have a habit of this...on snatches as well). My legs extend as I am still bent over the bar, then I basically pull with my back.

2.) There is no full hip extension. Notice where the barbell hits my legs: lower thigh. It never makes it into the "pocket"; and on the first of the 3 lifts, the path of the bar is not completely vertical, it swings out a little. (This makes sense after seeing the red spots above my knees from where the barbell was hitting my legs).

Not having a coach makes it tough to rectify my mistakes. Can you please offer any advice for corrections? How would you train your athletes to fix these things? Are the set up (back/butt position) and stance the same for the clean and the snatch? I would like add at least an extra 20lb onto each of my olympic lifts! I think I can if I address these issues. Can you point out anything else that I may have missed? Feel free to tear me apart. Thanks so much...



Greg Everett 12-18-2012 10:38 AM

Try moving the bar a bit closer to you in the start position and get your head up with your eyes straight ahead. When you break the bar, thing of pushing w the legs like a squat rather than lifting the bar directly.

Stay on your heels as long as you can during the pull and wait as long as possible to initiate the final upward explosion. That will help you stay back/balanced and over the bar properly and allow the bar to come up higher on the thighs.

Setup for snatch and clean are essentially the same, you will just have smaller hip and knee angles in the snatch because of the wider grip.

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