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Ian MacDonald 01-29-2013 11:40 PM

Advice on 3 Phase Cycle
Hey Guys,

I have had great success with the Catalyst programming so far. I started with the 5 week Front squat emphasis cycle as i knew i was lacking a bit here. Despite travelling extensively over that period i still hit most of the work and maxed out the front squat at 120kg which was 10kg better than i tested at the start.

For the past five weeks i have been following the 18 Week 3 Phase cycle from the catalyst book of programs (great purchase there) and progresss has been staggering.

I'm up 3kg to a BW of about 75kg and on Monday i BS 127.5 for a 4RM which is 7.5kg less than my previous 1RM. My Front Squat 3RM was 110kg and I have PR'd the Clean at 105kg. My Jerk is feeling better although i'm still feeling a little weak overhead (BTN 110, Jerk 100).

Now during the past 6 weeks my tuesday and Thursday workouts have been a little lacking in intensity due to soreness from the day before so the Snatch grip overhead work has been the hardest part of my week.

Is this overhead weakness going to effect the next phase overly much and does anyone have any advice for improving the quality of the four day session (apart from sleep and food, these are as good as they will get in my current circumstances)?


Greg Everett 01-30-2013 02:27 PM

Honestly I'm surprised that after 6 weeks you're still getting sore like that.

In any case, I would just keep at it as is, and if you have a really nasty day and need to reduce the wts/volume on Tue/Thu that's fine, but I wouldn't reduce the pressing work if that's a particular weakness for you.

forrest long 10-01-2013 03:43 AM

JUst got done with Strength Development cycle...felt great. PR'd snatch @ 87, FS @ 128, and High Bar BS @ 141. Just finished first 6 weeks of 3-Phase and I feel horrible. Having trouble C and J with 102, havent hit a snatch above 80 these last few weeks. FS is down as well. Only good news is BS 4RM was 130 so I'm going to retest that as well and see if any gains were made. Ugh...hoping the next 6 weeks get me fired up.

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