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John Janecek 02-04-2013 01:03 PM

Difference between a good equip company and a bad one?
Bad Company
Troy Bumper/USA Sport

Bumpers fall apart, warranty covers it, they refuse to replace for months. Replacements falling apart. Company says it customers fault.

Good Company
SIE-VAN INC (Makers of power locks or "husker collars")

Have 44 of them, year and a half later three of them are broke. Send them in to get them fixed and get this HANDWRITTEN letter from the company:


Enclosed are your clamps in full repair. It is my pleasure to be of service to you. Therefore there is no charge. Thank you for using my product.


Its nice to not have to battle with someone over and over. I have used these collars for 15+ years now with the same service..

Wonder which one I'll keep buying from and which one will hear from me (about them) for many many many years to come on these forums?

Good to know there are some good people still out there, had to give this company the credit it deserves...

John Janecek
Strength Coach
Longview HS
Longview TX

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