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Santos Reyes 04-01-2007 12:40 PM

Another SS Journal
Here we go…After reading Starting Strength and Practical Programming, as well as reading and listening to a number of Coach Rippetoe’s interviews, I am fully aware that to perform well at xfit you need a solid foundation of strength. So after recovering from a significant back injury, I decided to give a dedicated strength program a try for the first time in my life. I have done xfit for a little over a year with ‘Ok’ success (21 rds of Cindy, 10 min Helen, 4:15 Fran, +45lb Muscle-up). However, very poor times on Diane and Linda, as well as loss of MM, have led me to take up the SS program.

Height: 6’2
Wt: 186

Goals: To hit advanced strength levels as out lined in PP in 9-12 months at a BW of 198lbs (387lb BS, 457lb Dead, 173lb Press, 289lb Bench) As of December my xfit total was 265 squat, 360 dead, 140 press. I have been on the PP routine for about 4 weeks with good results. However, much more food and heavy ab work will be needed for if I am to come close to my goals. Here is last week:

Monday 3/26/07
Pull-ups (Pro)


Pull-ups (Sup)

Handstand Practice, Front Lever Practice, 5 min of 2pood kb snatches

Megan Marsh 04-01-2007 02:20 PM

It is about time you got on here...good luck with Tuesday's workout.

Santos Reyes 04-04-2007 03:44 PM


10kb cleans
10kb snatches
10kb Press
10kb fronts squats

4rds w/44lb kb (L+R=1rd)
This Hurt!

235x5,5,5 (+1 rep over last time, going up!)
135x5,5,5 (+6 reps over last time, going up!)
295x5,5 (going up)

Santos Reyes 04-07-2007 02:19 PM

four sets of 12 reps of wt. back ext +35lbs
Misc ab work

240x3,2+1F,2 (my hamstrings and abs where/are crazy sore which didn't help my first wo at a new squat wt. Also, on my second set I felt a slight twingeof pain in my left knee which look some of my focus off of finishing the lift)
225x4,4,4+1F (although my first set was -1, my overall reps were +1 and nearly got all five on my last set)

66lbsx 7 (sup)x6(pro)x6 (sup)
Lost focus on the second set, however, the wt didn't feel any different which I guess is good. Overall the pull-up portion of SS is the only frustrating part. To get one more rep than the previous wo is so hard to come by. Thinking about adding more wt and lowering the reps or just droping pull-ups and replacing them with bent over rows, who knows!

Elliot Royce 04-09-2007 10:38 AM

Santos: welcome. I assume you are just posting your work sets and not your warmups?

Megan Marsh 04-09-2007 04:56 PM

Elliot: my warmups have gotten a little more in depth due to the lack of a warm up helped in my original back injury 2 months ago. Since then my warm ups look like this:
2min jump rope
knee highs
butt kicks
samson stretch
overhead squat
hamstring stretch
goblet squat
back squat warm up empty bar times 10
135 x 5 x2
185 x3
225 x1
work set
Similar progression of warm ups for other slow lifts
no pull up warm up

Bs 240 x4, 4, 4
Sp 140 x4x4x3
Pullups later tonight

Santos' internet is down, asked me to post for him

Elliot Royce 04-09-2007 05:04 PM

I figured as much. Since you're not lifting light, jumping right in would be taking chances!

Santos Reyes 05-05-2007 04:24 PM

Sorry for the lack of posting, our internet has been off and on for the past month or so. Funny thing is it worked fine for the six months we were stealing service. Anyway, some tweaks here and there have been make to the SS program. First, we have switched to close grip bench rahter than flat bench. The goal is to save on shoulder pain which was starting to be a problem for Jeremy (my workout partner). We have also added a light day (10-15 reps) on wednesday, and no longer us a dynamax ball to help us with our depth on squats. However, I still use it when ever I go up to an new wt.

Other that I have been so so the last four weeks. I tend to get squats in each week but pressing has been another story. My first wo with 140 on press I got 4,4,4, yet every workout since I have gone down in reps. I figure I will drop down to 125 and work my way back up over the next month. Anyway, Last week I did reps of 4,4,4, on my first wo at 250. So I will be there monday with close grip at 195lbs and pull-ups at 70lbs. I would write the details of my workouts the last few weeks but honestly I cant read my own scribble on the white board. Hopefully I can get in three days next week and have some real workouts to post up here.

Santos Reyes 05-20-2007 01:01 PM

Ok, once again the progam is changing. I liked the super basic SS program but it was psycologically draining trying to get one more total rep than last week. I also wanted to add more volume and days (what is the point of having a gym at your house if you only workout three days per week!) Anyway, here goes.

Monday-Back Squat (3x8) followed by either wt. lunges or wt. step-ups
Strict press (3x8 followed by Kb press

Tuesday-Deadlift (3x5) followed by wt. Pull-ups and ab work

Wednesday off

Thursday-Same as Monday except the press is close grip bench and french press (skull crushers)

Friday-wt pull-ups and either Db or BB row

Saturday-misc. stuff kb work, muscle up practice, Handstand practice

I think the switch up will help me. After time off due to a death in the family, I worked out three times with no workout partner! that would never have happened on the SS program as it was outlined.

Santos Reyes 05-20-2007 01:13 PM

Tuesday may16 (did mondays wo)
BS 215x8,7,8
SP 120x8,7,7
Kb Press 53x8,8,8


Thursday may18
BS 215x8,7,8
wt. lunge 95lbsx10,10,10 (each leg)
Close grip 185x5,5,5,5,5 (couldnt get 8 so I stuck with 5's)
Skull Crushers 95lbsx8,7,6

straight bar curl 95lbsx8,8,8,8
seated db curl 35lbsx10,10,10 (this workout was at the local "fitness" club so the pure presure to do arms was sky high!)

Friday may19
wt. pull-ups 50lbsx8,7,6 (little warmup and felt if later in my elbow)
cable row-forgot the wt or reps
db row 80x10,10,10

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