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Jamila Bey 04-10-2007 10:30 AM

When the #3!! does this running get easier?

So I'm learning to tackle. I'm learning to run through the correct gaps. I can rip and swim. All with full pads, helmet and mouthpiece.

When the holy crap does the running part make me feel less like I want to die? I'm not hoping for easy. Easy isn't part of my vocabulary. I just want to know why it is that I've been doing this for two or three weeks now it always seems like it's day one.

Practice is T/TH/Sat for 2-3 hours each time. I'm eating well. I'm sleeping at championship levels. My... how do you say... romantic desire is through the roof. While I think Hubby likes that, I'm wondering if I'm spending too much energy off the public field of play?

What the heck is up with me?

Pierre Auge 04-10-2007 10:46 AM

chances are your extracurricular (home sporting) activites are helping actually helping you by raising your T-Levels. Making you more agressive on the field.

Have you considered that you're just getting better at the running? You're giving it all you've got which is more then what you had, and this is why it is not getting easier, you may in fact be working harder. Just consider that!

Derek Simonds 04-10-2007 11:09 AM

God Bless full contact football!

I am with Pierre you really seem like an all or nothing kind of person. You probably have improved dramatically from when you started but you are still pushing just as hard.

My 2 cents, running sucks no matter what. This coming from a semi reformed triathlete.

Steve Shafley 04-10-2007 11:12 AM

Trouble is, the better you get at running, the faster and harder you can do it, especially the sprinting stuff you're doing for football.

So, it gets better when you are such a badass, that you lead the conditioning.

Jamila Bey 04-10-2007 01:56 PM

Your points are well made, gentlemen.

There is DEFINITELY something to the heightened T levels! I mean... I really think I'm channeling a frat boy at spring break or something. I am so not complaining.

Okay. That makes sense. And if the TRIathlete is bitching about running, I'll not complain either.

Pierre Auge 04-10-2007 06:47 PM

Actually I've got a bunch of Triathletes who complain about running all the time, probably because I make them do balls out sprints!!!

Mike ODonnell 04-10-2007 07:05 PM

If running was easy...there would be no benefit from doing the pain...

Derek Simonds 04-10-2007 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by Pierre Auge (Post 8715)
Actually I've got a bunch of Triathletes who complain about running all the time, probably because I make them do balls out sprints!!!

So thats what I have been doing wrong ;)

Jamila Bey 04-11-2007 05:38 AM

But I don't have any balls!

Oh wait. Nope. No balls.

Jamila Bey 05-01-2007 04:59 AM

I guess a little patience isn't bad

I decided that I'd just suck it up and do the damn running and believe that I'm someone that just doesn't adapt to it. (T-levels are still ULTRA high!)

Then yesterday, I was running at the track that I get to about once or twice a month and there's a guy that LOVES to lap me and make snide remarks about my needing to "stop walking." He asked me what would be my workout and I said, (and I wonder where I got this from!) "Just ten 100m sprints. Run, walk back and repeat."

Then, smart-assed, middle aged guy said, "Mind if I do it with you?" And before I could think, my ego responded, "No problem!"

Not only did I beat him in every round, but I got a little stitch in my side in round 6- it was gone during the walk back to start and I started getting cocky and running backwards I was STILL beating the guy!

And the thing is, I felt like I had a solid warm up- I really didn't get to the level of thinking I would die.


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