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Pierre Auge 04-16-2007 11:59 AM

DJ Recovery Article
Danny, (or anyone else)
if you're around I'm trying to reference one of your articles on recovery mentioning your recovery scoring system. I can't seem to remember which GU issue its in, anybody have an idea which one I should be digging in.

I'd appreciate that.... Thanks

I've been digging for hours and am getting to the point of quitting...

Chris Forbis 04-16-2007 03:27 PM

Cfj #29

Allen Yeh 04-17-2007 04:58 AM


Google Desktop is great for finding stuff on your own computer. IT's a free download and takes a little bit to index your computer but it's pretty cool and works a LOT better than the windows file search system.

Pierre Auge 04-17-2007 07:02 AM

I don't use winblows, OSX and Linux both have recursive search functions that aren't finding it... Thanks though, Josh Everett sent me a file which includes it, very nice stuff...

John Alston 04-17-2007 07:36 AM

It's also in his book From the Ground Up!

Danny John 04-17-2007 08:35 AM

That was just a short summary. It is a very important tool, but you have to be sure to include your own issues.

Actually, I found that following Cosgrove's AFterburn II...with Kettlebells as my Cardio...was miles easier than all the math. For some reason...which I think I have a handle on...doing someone else's stuff is easier for me.

I tend to thrive on three hard days a week, but I also need some other stuff, too.

I am rambling, but I know what I mean.

Pierre Auge 04-17-2007 10:21 AM

Nope, makes sense DJ. I plan on making some adjustments anyhow...

Andthe issue of following other peoples programs thing is smart. I can do my own thing for a few months at a time then I have to change gears. Which is normally when I go all out on CrossFit... Its like it recharges my batteries.

Anyhow Josh's modifications of your article are great...

R. Alan Hester 04-17-2007 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by Pierre Auge (Post 9344)
Anyhow Josh's modifications of your article are great...

Do you have a document you could share with the above-qouted changes?

Pierre Auge 04-17-2007 11:27 AM


you can get it from today's post on the CFMB blog which is not officially up at the moment.

R. Alan Hester 04-17-2007 12:08 PM

Thanks kind sir.

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