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Derek Simonds 05-12-2007 08:24 AM

I finally broke down
I did it, I finally did it. I called Glen and ordered a Pendlay bar, a William bar for my kids and the Do-Wins in blue suede.

What a nice guy. Glen was in the car heading for nationals with one of his lifters and he took the time to talk to me about what I was ordering. I was going to order the xFit bar but after talking with Glen I manned up and ordered the Pendlay.

Now I need to find one of those bar holders that hold 4 or more bars vertical.

Joe Hart 05-12-2007 05:46 PM

You going to love the Pendlay bar. I have one and it is sweet. Glen is an outstanding guy.

Derek Simonds 05-14-2007 02:25 PM

I just read Dan John's new article on T-Nation from the link Allen posted. I figured I was already spending money so I went ahead and ordered his newest DVD, or at least I think it is his newest DVD.

I am pretty jacked and can't wait to get it.

I got the tracking email on my Pendlay bars and it looks like they will be delivered Thursday. Yeah!

Derek Simonds 05-18-2007 02:05 PM

Just an update. My stuff got here yesterday. The 5 KG bar for my kids is real cool. The Pendlay bar is beyond belief. The knurling is perfect and the bar ends spin like mad. The blue suede Do-Wins are absolutely PIMP!

I used the bar this morning and had no idea what I had been missing.

Glenn took great care of me and everything showed up right on time as promised.

Jamila Bey 05-18-2007 10:09 PM

Hey Derek,

You'll love the DJ video. (full disclosure: I am on the record repeatedly attesting that "Dan John is dreamy!")

I live in an apt with a workout room with marble tiled flooring, so I can't order the bar, but I plan to buy a house and build my own gym inside someday.

Rick Deckart 05-20-2007 11:54 AM

Excellent. A good bar is half the lift. I still use my Ivanko IPF certified OB-20 bar for the oly lifts. Not to bad but not ideal either. Back then when I bought it was the only bar in my budget (approx 300 EUR). I have sent emails asking for shipping and handling quote to Glenn twice, but never received an answer. Perhaps my emails got lost in the spam department?

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