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Default You all don't know what Hard Work is!

Before you download the video, and view it, I want to make a few thing clear.

1. Drew Baye is some kind of borderline HIT-Superslow type of guy. In this video, there's a long goofy monologue where he tells you that you probably don't know how to train hard, and he's going to show you. He's got a personal training studio. If you can make it through that part of the video without either turning the video off in disgust and deleting it, or laughing until you vomit, then you've got even more time-wasting goodness to check out.

2. He shows you what Hard Work is. On machines, using a 5/5 pace. This is humorous all in itself, but he also moans and whines, and pants in a bizarre kind of Lamaze fashion (for those watching who don't have kids). He considers this hard, productive training. Although he's been an amateur bodybuilder in the past, this type of training has apparently had a deleterious effect upon his physique.

For those who don't like videos that are a clear waste of time, I recommend you don't bother watching this. For those who just don't understand this sort of HIT mindset, you might learn a thing about that. For those who just want to snicker at something utterly ridiculous, and feel better about whatever training you do, this could be worth the time.

For the record, I think the HIT of Ken Leistner is, or can be, an effective training protocol. This style of HIT isn't that, in fact, this is probably the worst example of a training video I've ever seen. Except for mine.
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