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Originally Posted by Bill Ripley View Post
Thread resurrection time.

I just started the Fat Loss 1 program from "New Rules...". Last night was 3x15 in the back squat. Did 135# and got all the reps in, but it was tuff. Had to rack the bar on the last set and huff and puff before finishing the last 5 reps. Between the squats and the $#^% lunges I am shot out today. Did I go too heavy? Do I need to back off the weight or just suck it up and push through?
What's your current bodyweight and your current squatting ability?

When I ran through Fat Loss I I was using 175 for the 3 x 15 and that was rough. I was also ~195-200 lbs back then also. If you were able to manage in the end, my vote is to drop it maybe 10 pounds, and then if you crank all those out, up it by 5....etc

The Fat Loss phase is somewhat a blow to the ego anyway, because you feel like to make progress you need to up the weight but really you don't since you are decreasing rest and doing the same amount of work in less time.
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