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I'm trying Rip's shoulder rehab program:

20 sets of 5 chins everyday for two weeks...

So far so good I'm on day two and my shoulder felt like crap waking up but it feels pretty good now... Performed a modified WOD:

3 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
Squat 75 reps

Time: 12:04

I feel pretty good and I'm fasting...

(Note: The term "Waking up" is being used loosely since that would involve actually sleeping, but since no sleep actually occured the term - getting up out of bed may be more accurate)

(Note: The term "Bed" is being used loosely since that would involve actually sleeping in a bed, but since I slept on a couch the term sleeping aparatus is perhaps more accurate)

(Note: The term "Slept" - See "Waking Up")

(Note To Self: Get some sleep!)
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