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This is less training than nutrition and health, but I want to log it anyway...

More time elapsed...

Took a holiday to Hong Kong and Shanghai and all I got was a pair of Nikes and a lousy flu. Been out of commission 2 weeks.

Prior to that was away 2 weeks - improvised a few good workouts on the gear at Kowloon park. Not sure the locals were impressed with the spazzy looking gwilo, but I had fun. I didn't worry at all about diet when I was away.

Prior to that was working like a bastard, training and diet went out the window for a week or 2.

So (if you round some of the "or 2s" down), it's been 5-6 weeks since I was last training consistently and eating well.

Now I'm on my way back. Been walking a bit every day and rolling on the floor a little, and I've started meditating about 20 minutes every day, which seems to be mellowing me out a bit (early days). I'm going to get back to paleo tomorrow (plus some OJ until I stop feeling sorry for myself) reckon I'll be good for a lazy gym workout about Thursday and I'll see how I go.
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