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Hey James, thanks for responding.

When we lift we either lift a light flanker or one of our tall 2nd rows, This past year we had a couple of guys who were both at least 4 inches taller than me.

I am not too beat up, my calf muscle tear caused a real strain though. I started favoring my right leg more and that cause both my ankles and knees to start hurting. Before that I was moving around quite well. I haven't done any work for 7 days now and feel pretty healthy except for a little ankle tenderness.

The upper body stuff I was doing served me well, the push presses and half cleans along with the Crossfit warmups which I added push-ups to made my lifting and scrummaging much better than I was used to. I ended up playing tighthead becasue of my left calf, I could push in from the right side with no problem.
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