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Over in the UK the top level back row forwards are all mostly 6' + and the locks will be 6' 4" minimum. There are of course one or two centres and wings out there who are 6'4"/6'5".

But at the more grassroots level you're getting guys who are less into the realms of giantdom and that's why I was wondering how you fared height wise although to be honest I did expect you to be lifting rather than jumping.

I think we are looking at something like this (but this off the top of my head so like Pierre's opinions, subject to change):

Month 1 - GPP
Month 2 - Hypertrophy
Month 3 - Strength
Month 4 - Power

Maybe take another week off and then get back into the groove with some CrossFit style stuff for a couple of weeks and then onto Month 2 - big compound exercises in the 8-10 rep range, squats, push presses, bench, rows, dls etc.

Month 3 up the weight, drop the reps.

Month 4 we're upping the speed.

This is simplistic but I think you'll get the gist.

I have to check something at home but we will also schedule in running/conditioning work alongside. For a prop Litvi sprints and sled drags would be good. Hope you like burpees...

We need to address your calf too but I really need to give way to someone more knowledgeable on rehab issues.
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