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Derek Simonds
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48 Monday

6:00 No Shotgun
7:00 2 scoops protein, flaxseed oil, water
8:45 apple, banana
10:30 new detour bar
12:30 half whole wheat with double meat, lo-fat cottage cheese
3:30 myoplex 42 grams protein
6:00 started drinking 32 oz powerade
8:45 cliff bar, 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk
9:45 turkey burger

FS 125 lb bb 2 X 10
SN pull, RDL 80, 85, 90
Snatch balance up to 90 lb's and I didn't even feel retarded.
bench 145 lb 6 X 6 I am going to do a linear progression until I can't do 6 X 6
shrug 45 lb db 6 X 6
OH shrug while doing snatch balance

Did both the beginner and advanced class tonight. Great news 1 of the AC units was broken. Worked 2 variations of open gaurd scissors sweep and a couple of self defense techniques. Advanced focused on an absolutely nasty gi choke using the opposite lapel and flipping it over the head. Grappling went long and hard. By the end 75% of the guys were sitting out. Not me I kept it going at the highest level I had. Rolled with a black, blue and 2 whites tonight. All were good and a lot of fun. The black had the tightest half gaurd I have ever been in. I partially passed to half twice and couldn't do anything else.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin
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