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Originally Posted by chris hill View Post
Hi James,

As another rugby player i'm always very interested to hear what you have to say regarding sports specific training. Out of interest what is your experience, was it player then trainer?

Anyway the question i was going to ask was if you could expand on your recommendations for a month of GPP, i really need to haul myself into shape and if i could keep my training specific it would be a bonus.

As a player in a different age when running (and lots of running) and push ups were considered good training.

I think for a month of GPP then CrossFit comes into it's element. I was always a fan of Michael Rutherford's format of Monday/Wednesday/Friday on his blog:

but he has recently changed the format slightly. Have a look at the archives though.

The 3 on, 1 off format of CrossFit HQ is a little less easy to work around I feel but that website is an amazing resource for taxing workouts. Even the ones that look kind of ok on paper take a little bit of you away with them.

Anyway, I would schedule 3 (maybe 4 if you're feeling good) such sessions a week and add in maybe a swim, a bike ride, a session on a Concept 2. Because athletes like rugby players tend to be big guys (obviously the forwards in particular) these take some weight off your joints.

The reason I favour Rutherford's stuff is because it contains less of the gymnastic movements of CrossFit HQ. I totally accept the rationale behind training gymnastic movements for general fitness but for a rugby player you should be working on your skills like passing, kicking, tackling not your planche.

Here's a good session off the CrossFit messageboards from ages ago:

15 Thrusters
12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
10 Burpees

5 rounds for time. Use a 30kg bar. That comes up on you pretty quick. Can't remember off hand who came up with that.

Have a play around and have some fun.
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