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Originally Posted by Jamila Bey View Post

I decided that I'd just suck it up and do the damn running and believe that I'm someone that just doesn't adapt to it. (T-levels are still ULTRA high!)

Then yesterday, I was running at the track that I get to about once or twice a month and there's a guy that LOVES to lap me and make snide remarks about my needing to "stop walking." He asked me what would be my workout and I said, (and I wonder where I got this from!) "Just ten 100m sprints. Run, walk back and repeat."

Then, smart-assed, middle aged guy said, "Mind if I do it with you?" And before I could think, my ego responded, "No problem!"

Not only did I beat him in every round, but I got a little stitch in my side in round 6- it was gone during the walk back to start and I started getting cocky and running backwards I was STILL beating the guy!

And the thing is, I felt like I had a solid warm up- I really didn't get to the level of thinking I would die.


Nothing puts a hop in your step like smoking a distance runner in an event requiring power...
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