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Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post
With respect to running I can only say: Stay slow and wait for the 'second wind', try to feel your rhythm and after 5--10 minutes things will get dramatically easier. Don't start so fast that your into the lactate threshold zone. If it is necessary start with a baby tempo and don't worry after 3--4 weeks things will get much better.
It's weird because the last 2 times I went out to try just 15 minutes at a very easy pace. I always think I going pretty slowly in my mind but then my body tells me you better stop...or else.

Today at the track I realized what felt like slow the previous run attempts was really more like my 400m pace and I really really need to make myself slow down.
"And for crying out loud. Don't go into the pain cave. I can't stress this enough. Your Totem Animal won't be in there to help you. You'll be on your own. The Pain Cave is for cowards.
Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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