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Sorry for the lack of posting, our internet has been off and on for the past month or so. Funny thing is it worked fine for the six months we were stealing service. Anyway, some tweaks here and there have been make to the SS program. First, we have switched to close grip bench rahter than flat bench. The goal is to save on shoulder pain which was starting to be a problem for Jeremy (my workout partner). We have also added a light day (10-15 reps) on wednesday, and no longer us a dynamax ball to help us with our depth on squats. However, I still use it when ever I go up to an new wt.

Other that I have been so so the last four weeks. I tend to get squats in each week but pressing has been another story. My first wo with 140 on press I got 4,4,4, yet every workout since I have gone down in reps. I figure I will drop down to 125 and work my way back up over the next month. Anyway, Last week I did reps of 4,4,4, on my first wo at 250. So I will be there monday with close grip at 195lbs and pull-ups at 70lbs. I would write the details of my workouts the last few weeks but honestly I cant read my own scribble on the white board. Hopefully I can get in three days next week and have some real workouts to post up here.
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