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I've got one simple rule that really works wonders:

You get good at what you do!

The only way to get really good at Squats is practicing lots of squats with little or no weight. If you can make an unladen squat/deadlift/press feel the same as when you are loaded then you are doing it right. Thats all I can say, squatting will give you the flexibility to squat - deadlifts will give you the flexibility to deadlift and pressing the same.

It goes for everything - a gymnast isn't uber mobile because he/she does tons of flexibility training. It's because their skills require it of them. Learn the skill - learn the flexbility.

My motto could be this:

Skills are not trained they are learned. We train with skills we've learned. We do not train them into being. Training is the application of skill while practice is the development.

Pavel T. has some good neuroactivation drills he uses which I really like. All the zipping techniques, strength focus and breathing skills he teaches are uber cool too!
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