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Thanks for the excellent comments and feedback. Great description and nice numbers, Pierre. Iím really doing this for posterior chain, and itís frustrating to not be getting much hamstring involvement.

When I widen my stance, think about shoving my hips back and letting more forward lean happen, I can feel the hamstrings work. It does feel, however, like my body is going to explode--super-tight--and itís harder to get OK depth. I hope that goes away with time. Iíll probably drop down the weight for a while to see how my back handles the change in leverage with more forward lean. Active pulling down with hip flexors gets the butt back; I can tell I havenít been doing this much.

I guess Iím aiming for something like this? (link to BS mpg video):

wider stance, initiate with and keep butt back, more lean, more vertical shins, not so much knee travel forward.

Gary, whenever I do RDLs I get wicked DOMS, which keeps me from doing them very much. Do you find that hamstrings adapt to the eccentric loading and not suffer DOMS so much with practice?

I, too, feel like I need weight on the bar but will try to work on air squats that are more like sitting back into a chair instead of that upright, more straight up and down pattern like in my BS video.

Thanks, again!
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