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Originally Posted by Gary John View Post
RDL's killing you could be a clue to other things. Everything kills me, and I just keep doing them until it gets better. Took two years to get the OHS to finally happen. I'm old, so the body has all these defense systems set up already.

Just recently, finally, my body gave up and let me drop into a squat during the snatch. I'll never pull of a Dimas, but I bet I throw farther than he does.
Watching a video of a perfect back squat or discus throw won't get you there. I watch throwers who are about 20 feet better than me, and see what they are doing.

Look up Dan's article on RDL's in GetUp. Sticking that chin out there like you are taking a punch is a clue.

FWIW, I have buggered up knees and until about 6 months ago could not do a decent back squat to save my ass. Spent a lot of time working on "form" with light weights and for was a total waste. I didn't get it until I loaded up the bar with about 80% of my theoretical max and just started plugging away..After three months of serious effort I'm about 80% of the way to my first squat goal. The only thing that has worked for me is frequent, heavy, perfect practice.

Working form with a light weight for much more than a couple, maybe three weeks is overkill..."air" squats are not squats and are not going to provoke your weak links to straighten up and fly right.

do it now...perfect it later.

Also DOMS on RDL is a sign you should be doing them....lots.

Do them heavy, for very low reps, say 3, maybe even doubles. Consider ladders. 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3.....
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