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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post

FWIW, I have buggered up knees and until about 6 months ago could not do a decent back squat to save my ass. Spent a lot of time working on "form" with light weights and for was a total waste. I didn't get it until I loaded up the bar with about 80% of my theoretical max and just started plugging away..After three months of serious effort I'm about 80% of the way to my first squat goal. The only thing that has worked for me is frequent, heavy, perfect practice.
no offense but that's irresponsible in Rene's case!

do it now...perfect it later.
I can't believe you just wrote this!

Air squats are not back squats no, but back squats without weight are still back squats. Rene needs to stick to the weights he is at until he can do it properly. Once that is achieved only THEN move on.


doing it the other way around is asking to hand yourself your own ass!

Yes, he needs to practice with weight but as I said where he is at, is not heavy... He is not even close to a max, or even mustering a guess at a max. Theoretical maxes are completely useless. Internet coaches are the worst, and I hate being one of them! Do yourself a favor Rene, get the form down, perfect practice makes perfect. With weight and withought. You need to continue on a linear strength cycle and try to improve your lifts exactly as you are and basically right out of Starting Strength. But do it wisely your ability to replicate the sensation of a laden squat unladen has value don't dismiss it. Dicking around at 80% of maybe perhaps max when you've not a clue what good form is - is well asking for trouble. Beyond that my best advice is get somebody who knows what they are talking about to actually watch you lift in person. Thats the best online advice you'll ever get!

Tip if your knees are stressed during the lift - you're buggering up the entire lift! You can tell this without any weight on your back... All of my clients can demo perfect back squat form with nary a weight on their backs (even the lady with no miniscus) - they understand what it "feels" like moving the body through the range of motion without the assistance of the weight. Performing a movement without the weight forcing you into the proper position is in fact much harder than letting the bar cheat you into position. An Elite weightlifter will always warm-up with a stick or empty bar before moving onto heavier things. Make the light weights look heavy and the heavy weights look light! - better yet make it feel the same. If you can't you aren't really ready! Do you want to be capable of it or do you want to be good at it? Thats the question.

If you don't have a coach expect the learning curve will be longer in time duration. Accept this and your progression will be effective without buggering yourself up!

30 seconds to describe it.
3 minutes to remember it.
30 minutes to understand it.
3 hours to perform it properly.
3 days to try some weight.
3 weeks to going heavy.
3 months to make progress.
3 years to get good at it.
Then you start!

Pace yourself, it matters! Take advantage of being a raw novice get those nice long slow easy linear progressions. Make them last as long as humanly possible, this will pay off in the end!

One last thing the forward lean if the bar is in the proper low bar position sitting on the rear delts below the spine of the scapula will give you a leverage advantage. If you look at a video of yourself in the bottom position your femur should be parallel to the ground the crease of the hip should be even or below the top of the knee (thats as low as you need to get here) and the bar directly over your feet. If you follow the initial directions you'll be good to go.
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