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May 5, 2007
Army PT Test
Maximum reps in 2 minutes:
Pushups - 59
Situps - 62

2 Mile run - Had a mini asthma attack after a mile or so, so I'm not posting my time due to my being dissapointed/embaressed of my finish time.

IMT's all afternoon -low crawl, high crawl, 3-5 second rush
+ sprinting up hills

-PT Test - Not happy with my pushup score but I thought this time I'd try a different strategy than what I do all the other times and try to pace out my pushups throughout the 2 minutes. Usually I just hit as many as I can which is around 40 in the first 30 seconds and then rest for a few and bang out more. The pacing method just resulted in me having less total pushups in the first minute.
Situps - 62 I'm fine with this, kept a pretty good pace.
Run - The cold outside just increased my dread for the run and of course after pushing through my 3/5 lap I started to feel the tightness. Bah f!!!in humbug. Oh well I will kill the next test (as long as it's not less then 40 outside).

Training - Wow for once we actually did stuff at drill other than sit around and bitch about how we never do things. The training was great and a really good refresher for myself and good to pass information to the lower enlisted.
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Pain is your companion, don't go hide from it."
-Kelly Starrett
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