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I'll do it, I'm on week three of IF.

Again, since the iodine issue came up today on the board, in a "normally" eating person with a low body temp, I'll always look to iodine first before thyroid hormone. All this Wilson's thyroid syndrome stuff, IMO, is simply iodine deficiency happening on a massive scale--there is enough thyroid hormone(s) to show up as "normal" on tests, yet not enough iodine to have the proper conversion of T4 to T3 or for the iodine-dependent tissues to function properly--hence a hypothyroid presentation with completely normal labs. I mean, I've seen several instances of patients being treated for goiter with thyroid hormone!!! It's a basic nutritional deficiency (iodine)!!!

Combine an iodine deficiency with heavy metal toxicity, and there are so many pathways of the body that won't function right it's unbelievable! That's why those two tests are always near the top of the list of tests for ANY patient I see.

Before IF, I was one of the few people I know with the "normal" body temp of 98.3-98.4 degrees F, that was after the iodine supplementation I mentioned in the other thread.

Steve, let me know if you want to start this as a group or if I should just go on my own...
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