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I frequented several bb'er boards in the past (for the nutrition discussions) and remember the guys always raving about using T-3 and clen for taking off that last stubborn layer of fat around the waist. Seemed to work well for them, although overloading your system with synethic chemicals can't be a good thing over the long haul.

About the test, I agree its not a no questions asked way to determine thyroid output by no means. For this, blood work would be more useful. Rather, it is simply a tool (the most logical assessment) for measuring thyroid function--that is, determining the ability of thyroxin to enter the cells and influence metabolism.

In fact The late Broda Barnes, MD., a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders, developed this test and successfully diagnosed and treated many patients based on its results.

Again, not proposing any groundbreaking theory or anything here....just interested to see if there is any relation b/t IF and body temp, as we know a change body temp is telling us something else worth noting is going on.
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