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I must respectfully disagree with your opinions on sufficient sources of iodine from foods in today's SAD diet. I don't even believe that major iodine deficiencies can be made up with sea vegetables eaten in (eventually sickening to the stomach) large amounts. I base this on the feedback of my patients, both those who have gone from eating large amounts of seaweed to iodine and those who have gone from taking the Iodoral iodine to a solid dose of seaweed in supplemental form. Everyone noticed improved "function" on the iodine supplement and not so much on the sea vegetables.

Men in general underestimate the needs of iodine, as men tend to have much fewer issues with deficiency. I believe this is mainly due to the high requirements of iodine in females, both in their reproductive organs and due to childbirth (low iodine in newborns = cretinism, no mother's physiology will allow that to happen without a fight, hence mothers becoming outrageously short in iodine).

If iodine deficiency was not an issue, I would not see the results in my patients I have seen from giving them a simple combination of iodine and potassium iodide, in doses that would make physicians uneducated in proper human nutritional needs squirm.

The other problem with seaweeds is that no one knows, batch to batch, how much iodine is in it. I was told by a gentleman at that the iodine content of sea vegetables can vary up to 10-fold! Hard to dose properly with a "food" that's for sure.

In short, I disagree, and I believe that NO ONE should be getting Armour, Synthroid, or any other thyroid hormone UNTIL an iodine deficiency and autoimmune thyroid condition (likely caused by gluten and/or EFA deficiency) has been properly ruled out. EVERY "hypothyroid" (either lab diagnosed or symptomatic) has come up deficient on the 24-hour iodine sufficiency test. On this I won't budge.

The human body isn't so often screwed up, it's us who are screwing it up. Giving hormones willy-nilly only masks the problems, which are still smoldering under the surface, and will rear their ugly head sooner or later.

I likes my iodine...
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