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so is the may comp out of the picture?
Yep it looks like it. I spoke to Rip last week about possibly salvaging it but after going another week with what he and I had planned I don't think I want to risk it. I'm bummed!

Better safe then sorry. This shit always happens to me - get rhabdo, recover get better over a month or two then WHAM get hit by a car get rhabdo AGAIN, recover over three months, then just about ready to go to this meet and WHAM I jack myself up doing too much being all gung-ho like always.

Oh well it could be worse I could have been killed by either the first bout of rhabdo, the ordeal with the car, the second bout of rhabdo induced by the car, or have completely destroyed my shoulder!

Count my blessings I guess, I get to help and watch everyone else be good at stuff I enjoy doing! I'm a hobby lifter anyways. The next meet is three months hence maybe I'll be in good enough shape then.

did some snatches tonight:
135x2 scratched a couple of times

This took so much out of me that I couldn't carry on, I had no focus and could barely convince myself to extend and pull-under the bar. Not a good mental state in which to lift heavy things over ones head. Was mving really slow. Called her quits. Try again on wednesday maybe...................... big maybe

Snatches don't really bother my shoulder they only fatigue it. Jerks on the other hand hurt real bad. I'm convinced I fucked up supraspinatus. Ugg this is going to take a while to heal! FUCK
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