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Originally Posted by Don Stevenson View Post
At the moment i'm doing rack jerks every session i train, morning and night

My coach likes to pound on our weaknesses for a few weeks at a time and see what happens. Last year when it was getting under the bar in snatches it was snatch balance 4x a week
Ouch. Sounds like fast progress, though.

Doing a large variety of assistance work with a wide range in rep ranges has really brought up my rack jerk, too. I basically rack jerked at most once a week, clean and jerked a couple times a week, and worked up to a heavy set in an upper-body exercise, rotating between Overhead presses, incline bench, and push-presses, ranging between singles to sets of 6. Took my rack jerk up from 120 at the beginning of this year to 130 a couple weeks ago.
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